Thursday, August 18, 2011

Head Over Tail

This picture is of two Atlantic White-sided Dolphins leaping into the air on a calm afternoon. This picture was taken last summer about 20 miles off the coast of Maine while I was out tuna fishing. These dolphins are the most common dolphin we see while out fishing in the Gulf of Maine. (click image to enlarge)

Kārearea, The New Zealand Falcon

These pictures are of a pair of New Zealand falcons, or Kāreareas, feeding on a dead rabbit. The bird on the left seemed to be the dominant bird, as it kept feeding pieces of rabbit to the bird on the right. These picture were taken during a hike in Mt. Cook National Park, on the South Island of New Zealand. The last pictures are of the unbelievable view we got of Mt. Cook during our hike. As we were told by the locals, Mt. Cook does not often come out from behind the clouds, thus I was lucky to get such a great shot of the mountain and its glacier lake at its base.


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