Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moby Dick

These are a few pictures of a sperm whale that we came across out fishing yesterday. This is only second sperm whale we've ever seen out fishing. They are very rare to see in the waters off of Maine. Unlike most whales that stick their back out of water when they release/take a breath, the sperm whale has its blowhole way up on the tip of his nose so when it lets out a breath of air it looks like it is blowing bubbles. Seeing these weird blows off in the distance is what made us suspicious it was not a normal whale. Sperm whales are notorious for not letting you get very close to them before diving down for hours. As you can see from the second picture we were not able to get very close to this one before it took its dive.  We are guessing it is around due to the fair amount of squid in the area, the sperm whales favorite food. The last picture (not taken by me, clearly) is just to give you an idea of what these strange, dinosaur-looking whales look like under the water. (Click images to enlarge)

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