Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harpooning Sequences

The collage of pictures below consists of a series of shot taken of my father harpooning an Atlantic Bluefin tuna. You can see the fish under the water (purple blobs) if you look under the the little V shaped wakes in front of my father. In the last shot of the sequence, you can see the fish swimming away with the rope coming out of its back (look to the left of my fathers left knee). It may help to click on the image below to enlarge the photo.

The link below is to a video photo compilation of a longer sequence of photos in which my brother harpoons another Bluefin tuna. The fish in the video compilation was about 300 pounds and was caught in the Gulf of Maine. The quality of the pictures below are not great given the movie making program, but one can get an idea of the practice of harpooning by watching the film.

Harpooning Atlantic Bluefin Tuna -- Video Compilation

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