Friday, November 12, 2010

Mt.Tauhara Hike, New Zealand

These pictures were taken on a hike I took with some friends when we were staying in Lake Taupo, New Zealand. The hike started off in green grassy hills, which eventually became dense forest. The path, created mostly by erosion from streams and small brooks running down the mountain, led us to the top of Mt. Tauhara. The view was unbelievable. On one side of the mountain was a small rainstorm looming over endless forests and farm lands. On the other side was a spectacular view of the Lake Taupo district and the surrounding areas, still engulfed in sunshine.

This picture of the cows is particularly interesting, for  you can't tell which body the head belongs on.

This picture, of the five of us who went on the hike, was taken with the self-timer on the camera. From left is Cat, myself, Garg, Scotty, and Lundy.

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