Monday, January 3, 2011

Te Apiti Wind Farm, New Zealand

The pictures below were taken at Te Apiti Wind Farm in New Zealand. The fist picture was taken from the backside of the wind farm, while the second was taken from the frontside. In the second picture you can see a bunch of white dots on the hillside. Those are all sheep. Sheep outnumber people in New Zealand. (click images to enlarge)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Recap-2010

It's the New Year, so why not have a recap of what I posted in 2010 and post the first picture of the year in the same post. The picture below was taken in the botanical gardens in Sydney Autralia last year. Below the picture is a list of what I shared with you all last year/ever. I hope you have enjoyed all the pictures so far. If you have any interest in ordering any prints don't hesitate to email me at Happy New Years!

Gotta Start Somewhere
Sunrise in Southwest Harbor, Maine
A Trip to Tapotupotu Beach, New Zealand
Bursting with Sulfur
A Lost Frog
A Small Swarm of Mosquitos
Fin and Tail

A Stack of Rocks
Scanning the Ocean
A Frond of Ponga Tree Fern
The Silver Lining Goes For a Sunset Cruise
Baby Geese
Herring Carrier Ship
My Grandfather's Garden
Steaming In
Stormy Seas
Lined Up
Sinking Away
Close to Home
Weapon of Choice
Lake Taupo Sunset
An American Goldfinch

The Bean
Boon Island Light
Mt.Tauhara Hike, New Zealand
Harpooning Sequences

My First Turkey
A Young Humpback
A Pod of Pilot Whales
The Swell of Earl
A Lone Giant


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